Oliver Kauss steps up as Derrick Hodson retires

On September 25th 2020 Derrick Hodson retired after a brilliant service of over 45 years in the business. This has now set up a father-son directorship with Kristian and Oliver Kauss.

Starting his apprenticeship at HETA in 2013 Oliver has worked alongside Kris and Derrick for many years and has been involved around the business since a young boy, working Saturdays and weekends when he could. After 7 years of experience he has now stepped up sitting along side Kris teaching him the way at only 25 years old.

We wish Derrick and his family the happiest and healthiest of retirements.

New contact details for Oliver Kauss

email: oliver@hodsonandkauss.co.uk

mobile: 07522485490

All can be found on the contact page.