Terms & Conditions

Conditions of sale and acceptance or orders

  1. Quotations are submitted on the understanding that, should any orders be placed, it will include all the materials and quantity quoted for. Should selected items be ordered, or should the quantities of any order be less than the quantity on which our quotation was based, new prices may be submitted where applicable.
  2. Our prices are based on the market prices of goods, materials and transport, ruling at the date of our quotation or offer. Any increase or decrease in the cost of these items occurring after the date of the quotation or offer, will after notice be adjust on our invoice. Due to volatile material prices at this current moment in time, our quotations are only valid for 1 week.
  3. Goods offered ‘delivered to site’ allows for delivery on good hard road, the purchaser to take possession and unload, and be responsible for any loss or damage to persons, vehicles, or goods suffered in connection with such unloading.
  4. So long as any money owed to the seller, from the buyer is outstanding in respect of any goods sold to the buyer, subject to these conditions, the legal title of such goods, not yet resold, shall remain with the seller until all such indebtedness has been discharged. The buyer shall be entitled to sell the goods in the normal course of business, but the buyer shall, until such resale, keep the goods separate and identifiable as the property of the seller, and the proceeds of resale, shall be held by the buyer in capacity as agent for the seller, until the total amount of the indebtedness to the sheller shall be discharged.    In the event of any payment being overdue in whole, or in part, or any act or proceeding involving the buyer’s solvency, being taken the right to sell the goods shall be withdrawn, and seller (without prejudice to any other right it may have) made by its servants or agents, enter upon the premises of the buyer to recover any goods as yet unsold, by the buyer. Risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer on delivery.
  5. The time stated for delivery shall commence from the date we received your written acceptance and instructions to proceed, together with all necessary information to enable us to do so. Delivery times offered are current, at the time of the quote, and are subject to review upon receipt of order, any revision of such time to be notified to the purchaser before acceptance of order.
  6. Variation of conditions: No agent or representative of the company, other than a director, has any authority to vary or omit these conditions, or any of them.
  7. Contracts: Any quotations or estimates given by the company, in respect of any of its goods, or its services, is an invitation to the customer to make an offer only. No order of the customer placed with the company, in pursuance of a quotation or otherwise, shall be binding on the company, unless and until it is accepted by the company.
  8. Payments: Unless otherwise stated, payment of the contract price for goods and/or services, shall be due in cash, no later than 30 days, from receipt of invoice. If the contract provides for delivery by installments, each instalment shall constitute a sperate contract, in respect of which invoices may be rendered for payment in full for goods dispatched, or services provided shall be made, notwithstanding that such goods or services od not include all the goods set out in the contract.

    Time for payment shall be of the essence and any failure by the customer to make payments to the company, on the due date, shall entitle the company at its option, and without prejudice to any other of its rights, to suspend delivery of any outstanding goods, or the completion of any outstanding services, pending payment and/or treat the contract as repudiated. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer shall not be entitled to set off against any monies due to the company under the contract any amount claimed by or due to the customer, from the company, whether pursuant to the contract or on any other account whatsoever.  Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 2½ % monthly.

  9. Where products are offered and supplied to the customer’s design and specifications, no guarantee can be, or is given, or implied as to their suitability for the purposed for which they are to be used.

    The suspension or cancellation of any order/contract for any reason whatsoever, shall not in any way release the purchaser from unpaid accounts, or from the liability under such order, to pay the sellers for products manufactured prior to suspension or cancellation.