Stairs, Walkways and Ramps

Safe accessibility is essential for mobility around the workplace or residence

Stairways, accessibility Ramps, hand railing, and walk-to-work platforms are all essential for people to move freely and comfortably around the workplace or residence. At Hodson and Kauss we can fabricate a range of these applications to suit any existing or new dwellings.

Ramps and stairways can be equipped with any type of hand-railling like bespoke rails or key clamp.


Safe, non slip gratings and sheets can be used to ensure that no matter what the weather, the surface you walk or wheel on will be non-slip and safe. These include:

  • Open steel flooring and gratings
  • GRP Flooring
  • Durbar sheeting
  • Perforated steel
  • Concrete base with hand-railing



All framework and hadnraling can be finished or galvanising, powder coating or primed to suit any colour scheme.